Nelson Demille

So, I have been shall we say slippin’ on my pimpin’ for the last couple of weeks on here. I lay the blame on one person, Nelson DeMille, my new favorite fictional author – George R. R. Martin and his “A Song of Ice and Fire” series that was visually transformed into “Game of Thrones” leads the pack of being my favorite. I cant really wait till 2015 to read The winds of winter, George needs to stay healthy and keep writing for us.

 A coworker recommended Nelson DeMille’s novel The Gold Coast – a story about wealth and power on the North Shore of Long Island. At first I was hesitant because of the age-old theme, but decided to give it a chance since DeMille is a New York native and has written a few series of novels whose main characters are from NY . I must say that DeMille captivated my senses from the start! I was able to visualize every detail and landscape of Long Island comingled with that sarcasm and cynical tone that many New Yorkers tend to have. The addictively page-turning suspense-thriller-drama of The Gold Coast draws you into the life of two men – a Wall Street lawyer and a Mafia don – and takes you on a roller coaster of temptation, love and deception. I couldn’t help but follow-up with the sequel, The Gate House, which was another great book.

 These two novels began my fall obsession with Nelson DeMille’s books. The next series of novels follow John Corey a retired police detective on special assignments for the F.B.I. – I entered “DeMille’s Universe.” This thriller series begins with Plum Island, which I found to be an excellent book and a great prelude to readers of John Sutter. The sequel, The Lions Game, introduces a terrorist killer named “The Lion” who is the ultimate villain – if ever there was one; he resurfaces a couple books later in The Lion. Next is Night Fall, where John Corey and his new wife are sent on a “special assignment” to investigate the controversy about the real life tragedy of TWA Flight 800. DeMille’s depiction of the events and scenarios surrounding the crash are masterfully crafted and draws you into the anti-terrorism agenda. Wild Fire continues to develop upon the anti-terrorism theme with realism and incorporates the too common controversy over nuclear weapons.  In Wild Fire, I found John Corey to be in his true form successfully exposing secrets and mysteries to save America and The World.

 After I read Wild Fire, I didn’t think that DeMille could follow up with something to rival it. Was I wrong! The Panther, which is the sixth book in the John Corey series is a masterful culmination of his best. He takes John out of his comfort zone and set the book in Yemen, in a follow-up investigation of the terrorist bombing if the USS Cole. It took me a while, but I can attest that DeMille is a great writer and after eight books he has yet to let me down!

 I can easily see this series written to production and in the movies. I read that if it does, Bruce Willis would play like to play the character of John Corey and I’ll be in line for the IMAX showing aka agazillion.50

 I’m a fan!

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