City Art: The Bowery Mural

Us as NYers are often so busy with our daily routines of work and our personal life, that we sometimes forget to “stop and smell the roses,” so to speak. A prime example of this is how many times have you gone to the NoHo section of Manhattan, the corner of Houston St. and Bowery to be exact and have walked by the always changing but always eye-catching murals on the corner of that block?



If your answer is “I have never noticed the murals,” next time you’re in that area please take a second to snap a picture or just slow down and take in a piece of art done by some of the greatest street artist of our time. This wall has been blessed by the likes of Lady Aiko, Retna, Shepard Fairey and one of my personal favorites Kenny Sharf just to name a few.

The latest artist to leave his mark or should I say their mark on this wall goes by the name of How and Nosm, born in Spain and raised in Germany these twin brothers are known for their large-scale mural artwork. With work done all over the world from South America to Europe and Asia, to right here in New-York and Los Angeles, their work is instantly recognizable, especially with such a limited color palate of only three colors red, black and white.

The brothers started this Mural on Nov. 2, just days after our city was ravaged by Hurricane Sandy and just maybe gotten a little inspiration from the hurricane by having broken light bulbs, electrical cords and rising water with dead fish as part of their work of art. So, the next time you’re in the city stop and take a look. Even if you don’t get a chance to see How and Nosm’s work on the wall, the next piece that goes up in its place is guaranteed to be unbelievable as well. So don’t be one of those people missing out on some really great pieces of art by artist who are putting their soul on a wall for you to see free of charge and without having to go into a gallery.

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