Breakfast: I Woke Up Inspired

Today, I slept in late. Lazed around in bed and watched some TV; Cooking channel my go to staple on Saturday mornings. After watching about three episodes of Unique Eats, I got inspired to go cook something.

I went to my kitchen and took stock of what ingredients were at my disposal. Tomatoes from my garden, eggs, two pieces of raw salmon and green beans from last night’s dinner and avocados.

I decided I would pan sear the salmon. I seasoned with salt and pepper and put in a sauté pan. I made sure not to over cook, leaving the center still slightly pink.

Seared Salmon

The remaining olive oil left in the pan from cooking, I quickly heated up some green beans from yesterday’s dinner with some fresh tomatoes.

Next, soft scramble the eggs by adding a touch more olive oil. But, something was missing. I needed a sauce. I have tomatoes, so why not a quick homemade ketchup.

So, I heated up a small sauce pan and added a little olive oil. I threw in some whole tomatoes to blister and brown the skin for some extra flavor. Then I covered the pot, lowered the fire and let it steam a bit. After a minute or two, I took of the lid and began to crush the tomatoes. I added a little brown sugar, salt and pepper. I then passed the tomato mixture through a strainer to remove the seeds and skins. I finished it with some extra virgin olive oil and some fresh lime juice to brighten it all up.

Done! I sliced the avocados and plated the dish up. It was delicious and healthy way to start my day and I washed it all down with a nice glass of orange juice. Happy weekend!