About UrbaneNYC

UrbaneNYC is an idea the four of us have consciously and unconsciously been cultivating for many years. A way of sharing our varied interest on just about every topic. Particularly,  FOOD, TRAVEL, ART/STYLE, SPORTS & NATURE/WILDLIFE. We have been friends from birth. Each of us have walked our own unique paths, experienced our own life lessons and adventures. But, we always bring our stories back to the table. A proverbial and literal table, where we all have a reserved seat for life. We even make time to sit down with a larger group of friends and family, to share a meal and to keep our relations close. It’s called ‘Cousins Dinner’. UrbaneNYC is also a table to share what we do with and how we experience our lives. We hope that you will too.

Urbane, adjective \ˌər-ˈbān\ means to refine or to polish. However, for the sake of modernity, not everything can be refined all the time. Some of our interests are ratchet, but speak to our lived experiences in New York City.

Welcome to UrbaneNYC!

Define Your Own Urbane Lifestyle

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