A Gardening Season of Faith’s Perfection – Winter Gardening


Through these posts, I really got to see in a short period of time the full circle journey I made with the garden this summer. From the plot with more weeds than tomato plants, to something that I have really become proud of. I really felt like I connected and accomplished something in that rectangular plot of earth.

As the traditional gardening season for the northeast came to a close, we dared to go a little further. Some gardeners switched out their summer crops for ones that could withstand the colder climate. Lettuce, collar greens, broccoli, kale were some likely substitutes. I, lacked the experience this year but I will not miss out in 2013. I am already playing around with the idea of the native american three sisters (corn, beans and squash), that naturally support each other, for the summer. A little herb section and definitely some heirloom tomatoes. Potatoes, if I can. Onions too. Then, I will have to sacrifice some late summer fruit in order to reset the bed for winter.


My house has a hallway access that goes up to a flat roof. If we are unsuccessful in getting bee-keeping on campus, I may try doing it at home. There is a professor in the Biology department that is an avid bee-keeper and willing to show me the ropes. Even if i am not ready for this summer, it will be good to start my education now. I am already planning on setting a sump-pump hydroponics garden on my roof and maybe a chicken coop as well. Stay tuned. I cannot wait to show you what I come up with this spring. Until then, happy holidays and see you next year for more ‘urban gardening’.