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Trinidad Jame$

“All Gold Everything,” his debut video with over two million views on the internet and spins on major radio stations around the country. A kindred spirit to my partners and I, Trinidad Jame$ was born and raised on the most beautiful islands in the world Trinidad and Tobago. Representing our country to the fullest, in the video Trinidad Jame$ displays Trini flags everywhere. I felt so proud to the see our colors red, white and black in each scene. Jame$ who lives in Georgia said he only started rapping 8 months ago after catching a case. Sitting in jail he thought he had to do better with his life and and here he is now building a name and buzz for himself with the catchy hook off his single: “Gold all on my watch, gold all on my ring.” Honestly, I saw the video when it first dropped and thought ‘dam Trini nah go make it, he look too wild.’ Indeed he has a unique fashion sense and style. Here we are 2 months later with almost 2 million views on you tube. Rappers and DJs are cosigning him left and right its only a matter of time before a major label scoops him up. Now the only thing he has to do is to capitalize off his buzz. My suggestion is to follow-up with a new single. Add a wild and crazy video, then keep grinding. I’m a fan. Take a listen…explicit lyrics.