Spitzer and Carlos Danger

Everybody deserves a second chance in life. However, that rule should be an exception for public officials who abuse the trust of the people they are elected to represent. Amid the somewhat constant scandals that surround many of our public officials and government personnel, NYC seems to be lenient in holding them accountable. For example, Anthony Weiner, aka Carlos Danger, who stepped down from his congressional seat due to a sexting scandal is currently running as a candidate for New York City mayor. Eliot Spitzer, aka “Spits” who was forced to resign after a prostitution ring scandal is currently running as a candidate for New York City comptroller. When is the hypocrisy going to end in this city! These men should be ashamed of themselves for even coming back into the public eye.

 Spitzer and Weiner, both married men, went about their infidelities in different ways. Spits, governor in 2010, was involved in a prostitution ring where he had unprotected sex with several women (and kept his socks on the whole time too!).  He’s a grown man, who am I to judge? But when Spits set up fake companies to hide his indiscretions and payments upwards of 80K, he crossed the line as governor. Eventually, he stepped down, but the damage is done. He was not charged, not even a slap on the wrist.

 Anthony Weiner aka “Carlos Danger,” resigned from congress for sending a sexually explicit photos of himself on Twitter (of all social media platforms) to a number of women. This was 2011 so its 2013 and here is running for mayor of this fine city. A couple of months into the campaign not so shocking news comes out that he has continued his sexual fantasies with more women. This comes after the fact that he was remorseful for his actions, claimed to be going to therapy and loves his wife and child. Weiner was leading the Democratic primary before the pictures of him and his mistress came out. What I found funny was his online moniker “Carlos Danger,” really Weiner! Now his mistress-turned-celebrity getting major publicity and is about to shoot a porno about the whole thing (which seems to be the trend these days). The worst part of all this media coverage is that he refuses to step out of the race when everyone, even Spits wants him to drop out – pot calling the kettle black if you ask me.

 Spits has the nerve to look down on Weiner and too me his offense was worse. He paid and slept with women and is leading the polls to become comptroller which is only a stepping stone for him to get back into the political world. They both should go under a rock somewhere and live and be ashamed. Amidst all the scandal, lies, and constant manipulation, they want the people to believe that they will do what’s best for us and our city. My question to the people of NYC is why even bother to give these clowns more chances. They can’t be trusted!

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