Plot “Sweet Sixteen” – Spring Garden 2013

So, it has been a while since my last gardening post. Last time I believe it was early spring and we were preparing the garden for the upcoming season. Since last year I have been playing around with the idea of a garden for every season. Not all crops/plants are the same. Some require cooler weather to thrive (lettuce, bok choy), where as some do best in full sun (tomatoes, eggplant). After I prepared my plot for planting I headed to my local plant nursery. I got a variety of spring plants; three species of lettuce (bib or butter, green oak and romaine), celery, broccoli, cauliflower, baghi (sort of spanish), strawberries and some herbs (oregano, Cuban oregano, cilantro and rosemary).


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I planted in such a way that as spring turned into summer, I could harvest the lettuce and replace with my summer crops like tomatoes. This way I can fully utilize and produce as much veggies, fruit and herbs as this rectangular plot of earth can manage.

DAY 14

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In only a few weeks the growth was exponential, the very same plants that I bought and planted at home, in this garden was already twice the size. I attribute this to the wonderful advice and guidance I continue to get from our garden coordinator and the nutrient rich compost made on site.

DAY 21

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DAY 25

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As my friends and I headed off to Cape Cod for our annual Memorial day vacation. I stopped by and picked up some lettuce for burgers and salads, mint for mojitos and bok choy for cooking. Everything tastes better, it is amazing what freshness and an organic gardening philosophy can do. It was spring and I had already harvested a lot of produce. I shared with some family, friends and coworkers because that is the spirit of a community garden.

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