Spring Plot Preparation

After we prepared the garden for the spring season. It was time for me to get my sweet 16 plot ready for planting. The garden coordinator gave me a quick explanation on what was to be done and i was off and running.

Less work, more play.
Less work, more play.
  1. Remove a top layer of existing soil from the plot, containing any rooted plants that took up occupancy over the winter.
  2. Remove a second layer of clean soil devoid of rooted plants.
  3. Add back in the soil with the rooted plants interspersed (will decompose and will be a good source of nitrate).
  4. Place in a layer of decomposing leaves (from a leaf litter pile), mixed with a layer of fertilizer of manure.
  5. Add back the second layer of clean soil removed at the beginning.
  6. Final layer of composed soil or rich soil as your top layer.

This took me about an hour, which included some chit chatting with the garden coordinator and some neighboring gardeners.

UP NEXT: spring vegetables.

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