I went to college with Holley and she co-founded an amazing company called The Hall Pass Tour. They travel the country doing concerts, workshops, pep rallies and other special curated events to get underserved K-12 youth excited about leveraging higher learning to pursue their dreams.

Original Video Description:

Check out the talk our co-founder gave about us at CreativeMornings last month. Onward we go!
Here’s the footage from my talk last month at CreativeMornings!
It’s all about the birth of The Hall Pass Tour and the importance of social responsibility starting at home. A great end to 2012, CM gave me a platform to share the work we’re doing with hundreds of creatives. But I want that number to grow to THOUSANDS (and beyond). I know I can count on you guys to help make that happen so – do me a favor?
Take a few minutes today to watch the talk, reblog it and share it with any parent, educator or awesome human being who you think it might resonate with. Cool? Cool.
Thank you!
P.S – BIG shout out to Ben Hallman for filming and editing.

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