Duck Dynasty


Make no mistake, Duck Dynasty is hands down one of the best reality shows on television! In it’s third season on A&E, the show follows the daily “adventures” of the Robertson Family and their multi-million dollar duck call business. The cast of characters include patriarch Phil aka “Papaw,” matriarch “Ms. Kay” who is Phil’s wife and mother of four boys; three star in many of the hilarious episodes: Jase, WIllie, and Jep. There is Uncle Si, Phil’s brother who makes the show with his vast comedic knowledge of the Vietnam war that he references to teach a lesson to his nephews and grandchildren about survival.  I see a spin-off or HBO comedy special in Uncle Si’s future with his catchphrases: “You got that, Jack!” and “If you want something done, don”t ask me”  reveal his country upbringing. Pops is just happy happy happy all he wants to do is hunt, eat, relax and spend time with his grandchildren of which they have many. Duck Dynasty follows Willie, Jase, and Jep who run the family business of making duck calls. Willie is the COO aka Head Red Neck in charge and loves to boss his brothers and family around. Jase fights him at all costs, and second funniest to Uncle Si. When Jase and Uncle Si get together its TV comedy at its finest pure genius quality. Duck Dynasty is a great testament to what reality television should be. There’s not to much of it out there but A&E got a winner with this one. What makes Duck Dynasty a success is their belief in God and strong family values; there is not much of that on TV these days. For example, one of the grandsons wanted to go fishing with his girlfriend and ended up with more than he bargained for when Papaw invited himself on the trip. Papaw gave them a good lecture about relationships then gut the fish that they caught right in front of her. A bit awkward but it was still funny to watch. I recommend this show to anybody who just want to laugh, see stuff blow up and the whole point of it all, being entertained.

A&E/ Figure it out

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