Kansas City Chief player Jovan Belcher in alleged murder/suicide

Reports are beginning to pepper Internet search engines and major news outlets about the shooting death of a Kansas City Chief player. It is stated that the first of two shootings took place at a residence (probably that of the player) that took the life of a female victim. The second took place in the parking lot of Arrowhead stadium, where the shooter sat in a car with a gun to his head. A call was placed to the authorities by the victims mother, when police cars approached the sound of a lone gunshot was heard emanating from the car.

CBS sports said that Chiefs manager Scott Pioli and head coach Romeo Crennel were in the immediate vicinity. The player is said to be 25 years of age, one can hope that from the Chiefs player roster that it is not star running back Jamaal Charles. The name will not be released until respective families can be notified.

The Chiefs are expected to play the Carolina Panthers this Sunday for a 1o’ clock kickoff.

Update to original post: is it suspected from sources at cbssports.com that #59 – line backer Jovan Belcher was involved.

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